How To Get Started With Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is one of the best method to bring in lots of traffic to your site. Guest bloggers offer to write content for those who have the similar blogs in their industry as guest bloggers. In exchange, they receive links to their own blogs and an opportunity to promote their own names and blogs in their chosen industries. Guest posting is also a great way to get a high-quality backlink which will help in your SEO.

How To Select The Right Blog For Guest Posting?

So you have decided you want to start guest posting, you must write content that is high quality and targeted to your specific area of industry. The quality of your posts content is determined by several points:

  • The content is focused on your niche.
  • The audience of the blog will be interested in your industry.
  • Similar niche.
  • Good traffic.
  • High page rank.

Step 1.Write the post.

Write the post
  • Be highly unique.
  • Write about what you know.
  • Provide high-quality outbound links (not necessarily to your own blog!).
  • Provide the most value you can.
  • Make sure the post is relatable to the blog’s audience.

Step 2.Contact the blog owner.

Contact the blog owner

If you know the blog owner personally, simply ask and I’m sure they will be happy to let you post.

If you don’t know the blog owner, then you should write an introductory email along with your guest post attached in a Microsoft Word format.

Don’t forget to write your email ID and your social networking information in the signature.

Also give the following details in your signature:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Blog address
  • Twitter ID
  • Facebook ID

The owner will want to see that your blog and your brand can offer something of value to the readers of their blog.

Step 3.Gather traffic after your guest post.

Now you get to enjoy the immediate blog exposure from this guest post.

Your blog’s traffic will increase and you may get lots of blog subscribers (depending on the content and quality of your blog).

Try to capture this new audience by making your best post the first post visitors see. Write a great roundup post (like this) which is heavy on interlinking and contains lots of great value. This will keep your new visitors around for a while.

Step 4. Promote your guest post.

Promote your guest post

You should promote your articles on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t wait for the blog owner to tell you; just do it yourself as soon as the post is published.

Also, something you might want to do is place an outbound link to another blog in your guest post. You can then tell that blog owner that you linked to their work, and they will consider promoting your guest post to their readers. This is really a good strategy to build authority and get others to like you.

But don’t include links just for the sake of building backlinks. A blog owner will reject your post if you’re just trying to build backlinks.

Step 5. Reply to comments.

You need to reply to comments on your guest post.

There’s nothing more irritating to a blog owner than giving someone free promotion and then having them walk away when their readers want to connect with them.

Be a good customer service agent and respond to all comments and questions. Be engaged with the commenters.

This will help build your authority, and it will ultimately bring you more traffic and more guest posting opportunities.

How Many Times To Guest Post?

There is no limit to the number of guest posts you can submit.

You may do one or two, or you may do several. It totally depends on the exposure you are getting and how much time you want to spend writing guest posts.

Some blogs help you get great traffic, and some don’t help at all. Identify the ones that work well for you, and figure out a consistent guest posting strategy to help grow your traffic, your number of subscribers, and your authority.

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