Recipe Of Making Banana Choco Bars

Recipe Of Making Banana Choco Bars

Curious to make banana choco bars? So, you are at the right place. Um, well we think of many dishes when it comes to our taste. Some people always remain curious to try something new everyday. When we talk about sweet dishes, we think of many rejuvenating items that add taste to our day.

Banana Choco Bars

Today, I have something new for you in store that will add taste to your day and will also make others day cool. As we all know in summer days we also think about having cold drink, ice cream, cold coffee etc. So here we go with a new recipe that is sweet in taste, indulgent and delicious.

It is easy to make this recipe as it does not take your time more than 10 mins or even less. Now, follow my rules and i am going to show you this indulgent recipe. This recipe needs the ingredients that is available at your home.

Firstly, to make this indulgent recipe, you will need bananas, milk, fresh milk  cream, almond powder, almond slices, condensed milk and the last one is choco powder. You need mashed bananas for making this recipe .For making almond powder, take almonds and mashed it in the mortar .You will also need slices of almonds as it will give a great look to recipe. Condensed milk is good because it contain low amount of fat in it.


Mashed banana                                                         1 cup

Milk                                                                             500 ml

Fresh milk cream                                                        1 large tsp

Almond powder                                                          1 large tsp

Slices of almonds                                                        1/2 cup

Condensed milk                                                          1 large tsp

Choco powder                                                            1/2 small tsp

How to make it

Firstly take a container and boil the milk at mild flame  for sometime. When milk will get boiled properly.Then add some almond powder , choco powder and add condensed milk in it and leave it for cool. After cooling add mashed banana and 1/4 cup almond flakes. Then pour this mixture into ice cube trey. When ice-cream will get ready put some almonds flakes on it and serve it.

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